In this section you can download:
  • The environmental authorization for our plants located in Castelnuovo del Garda (VR) and in Lainate (MI);
  • The certification regarding our management systems according to the EU Reg. nr. 333/2011 and to the international norms ISO14001 - OHSAS18001;
  • The forms as per our Management System ISO 14001 for the qualification of the Suppliers (Foglio di Omologa e Scheda Tecnica di Caratterizzazione), besides the forms for the delivery planning.


Waste licences Castelnuovo del garda Waste licence nr. 2472-15.pdf Castelnuovo del Garda - Surety policy acceptance.pdf Lainate Waste licence nr. Lainate - Surety policy acceptanc ...


Management System Forms Supplier anagrafic data form.pdf Supplier qualification form.pdf Technical waste data form.pdf Delivery planning form - RMI Castelnuovo.pdf Delivery planning form ...

Company Policies

Company Policies   Company environmental policy statement.pdf Company safety policy statement.pdf Company Ethical code.pdf N.B.: All documents are in Italia ...